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  Vision Statement
Assist clients in gaining and retaining value through Leadership, Management, and Application of Technology.
  Tejas Acronym
T is for Technology. I am a strong believer in and proponent for the application of "state of the art" technology in our industry. I strongly believe in stepping to the edge and "climbing out of the box".

E is for Engineering. Through 32+ years of experience, a discipline to continue to learn, and my educational background, I feel fortunate to be able to offer clients a wide range of engineering services. Also, to expand the engineering and technical services, I will network with industry people to offer "the best of the best" in engineering and technical support, knowledge, and application and implementation of technology.

J is for Justification. Justification includes, but is not limited to, economic evaluations, practical application, and the areas of social impact, moral and ethical obligations, and just "plain old" common sense.

A is for Acquisitions. Opportunities are available to both companies and individuals that want to expand their positions in the industry or who want to become involved in the industry through economically viable property acquisitions. A part of my business focus is to assist clients in identifying and evaluating acquisition candidates, making appropriate recommendations, and assisting in planning and managing assets.

S is for Strategies. Through leadership and management talents, a part of the business focus is to assist clients in developing strategies to be successful in the industry. An integral part of the strategies development process is clearly defining a vision, establishing goals, and implementing strategies to accomplish the goals. Included in this process is the training and development of leaders and team building, budget preparation and management, and development of a global or systemic approach to the management of assets.
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