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Hey You Friends!
I'm feeling thankful today!
Cuz the Lord is great!
The Lord provides!
The Lord is Love!
Sometimes I look at me,
and I can't help feeling sorry for me.
I look at my life and see tons of inconveniences.

Well Dammit WHO CARES!?!?!?
That's NOT what matters!!
Do you KNOW what matters?
Can everyone say they have a father?
A mother?
Siblings to share their secrets with?
Family members who care for them like nothing else?
Tell me,
does everyone have truly awesome friends,
who swap jokes and tell funny stories?
who have good hearts?
and won't let them down no matter what?

I want to know,
how many can claim they have
a meal on the TABLE?
at EVERY mealtime?
prepared by the blessed hands of THEIR OWN MOTHER?
And to be able to eat it WITH their family??

Who can claim they know their own personal soul...
their own personal soul and body,
is FILLED with the love of GOD!!!
No... it's not filled,
It's packed...
with the LOVING GRACE of GOD!!!!!
Filling every square inch!!!

I know what I'm thankful for this season.
A family chock full of good people,
who love me and help me grow,
even if it inconveniences themselves.
Truly awesome friends I won't ever forget.
And a God full of the POWER to LOVE ME!!!
To LOVE ME no matter how blasted stupid I am!

I pray the Lord will give me the strength,
to love Him back,
to truly enjoy what matters most,
to give my family what they give me,
to stand up for and help my friends,
to live life to its fullest,
and be a happy man.

I am not poor.
I know...
I know for a FACT...
that I am wealthy and rich in what matters most.

Yours In Christ,