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Hello and welcome to Nowater Media.  May we ask you a question?  When you thumb through a pamplet, login to a website, or even glance at an advertisement;  what do you feel?

Do you find your senses overwhelmed with colors, information, and big red stars screaming, "SALE," or, "FREE!"

Or rather, does the material take your fancy?  Does it reach into you and squeeze out that ever satisfying sigh?

When giving the public a taste of your market, we beg you don't serve spinach and brussel sprouts drowned in ketchup.  Nowater wishes to provide your market venture with gourmet digital and paper design fixed by our experienced chefs.  If people don't notice you first, they'll discover the satisfying sigh and perhaps a complimenting burp.

We look forward to serving you.  Thank you for visiting.

The Nowater Media Team




2001 Nowater Media