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Young men and women.  On September 11, 2001, you witnessed one of the most devastating acts of violence against human life committed by terrorists.

What can we do?  The tears of the United States and the world are calling us.  Some of us may be aspiring students in prestige universities.  Some of us may be dope-smoking addicts!  Some of us may be average teens who can't do anything right!  So, what can we do to help remember those lost and crush terrorism?

What we CAN do!  But we can do something, together.  While rescuers look for survivors and the armed forces gather, we can unite in one global voice to remember those lost on September 11 by condemning terrorism.  We all believe in the same thing: terrorist activities against the innocent people of any nation, race or belief WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.

You are invited to join the global voice of young men and women condemning terrorism by placing any of the memorial/anti-terrorism images available here on your website, messageboard, chatroom, guestbook or any other cyber-spot. By spreading these messages around the internet, maybe we can reach a dark spot in the world.

Today I have witnessed one of the most powerful acts of evil. But I also witnessed an even greater power. The power to forget our differences and unite in one great army of love to march upon hatred. Please help. Thank you for visiting.

A distant teenager


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